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Lotion Capillaire Sourire



wise their hair accepts again its natural hair color, purely biologically


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Hair greying:

Hair becomes grey owing to the deficiency of a natural pigment that colours it: THE MELANIN

With age, stress (or other factors), the production of melanin diminishes gradually until it today stops. Thus  hair is coloured according to the available quantity of melanin, it is dark when abundant, bloud or chestrut when it lacks and grey in its absence.


How Sourire removes hair greying

SOURIRE® lotion is associated with hair natural componants and
onstitutes at its surfrace a similar pigment of melanin that generates
the same effect : hair repigmentation.

At every application hair recovers gradually a natural colour
identical to that was before.



Thanks to certain natural componants such as filtered Glycerine and flowers of sulphur,
SOURIRE®  Lotion, has an antidandruff action, prevents loss of hair and stregthens effectively its roots.



Shake the bottle well and apply the lotion by rubbing the hair once ar twice daily during two or three weeks
till the desired natural colour is obtained, then reduce to two or three applications per week the colour.

       º Use advice
 It is advides not to use SOURIRE® Lotion in the following cases :
       - An artificially died hair.
       - A very bloud or reddish hair.
       - External use only
       - Produced under pharmaceutical control